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Our company

The EMUGE-FRANKEN group of companies has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of tools for threading, drilling, milling, testing and clamping for over 100 years. We are a system provider for cutting tools in standard design or customised special tools for different manufacturing processes.

Our threading, drilling and milling tools enable highly efficient machining in series production and feature an impressive tool life, even when machining challenging materials. The range of cutting tools, supplemented by tools for clamping workpieces and tools, meets the highest demands on quality and precision.

For optimum machining results, our tools are available both in solid carbide (VHM) and high-speed steel (HSS) versions. Regrinding respectively resharpening and recoating are important components for economic use and part of our service portfolio.

Our products and solutions

Threading technology
Under the EMUGE brand we sell a wide range of tools for manufacturing of internal and external threads. Whether standard tools or tailor-made special tools, they all cover all materials and thread systems worldwide with the aim of optimising your production. To ensure that you achieve the best possible threading results, we provide you with perfectly matched system chain in addition to the threading tool. Our tool extensions, holders and tapping devices, ring gauges and plug gauges, cutting oils and cutting pastes thus contribute to the best possible process reliability.

Drilling technology
EF-Drill - the solid carbide twist drill programme from EMUGE - is the result of extensive development work in which the latest know-how regarding tool geometry, cutting material and coating have been incorporated. The drill specifications guarantee excellent hole quality, and the twist drills have also been perfectly adapted for predrilling tap holes for threading tools.

Milling technology
The FRANKEN brand is characterised by a diversity of milling tools. Precision and innovation characterise the wide range of carbide and HSS milling cutters as well as PCD, CBN or indexable end mills. The production in our German manufacturing plant in Rückersdorf ranges from standard end mills and bore cutters through ball nose and torus end mills to high-precision special form and profile milling tools.