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Our company

The core competences of AMF are quite large: from design of your devices, up to the final mechanical testing. This also includes all the transformation steps, such as rolling, wire drawing (0.10 – 5 mm), shape setting, machining (EDM), grinding, polishing (tribological and electro-chemical).

Staple Workshop
Bending station for small to mid-quantity series of staples.
Thermal treatment station and functional testing equipment of the staples.

Mechanical Workshop
EDM cutting (associated to a high speed electrode EDM drilling) is the best solution for complex shape cutting of Nitinol flat products.
We have more than ten standard machining tools, both manually and NC controlled. All are dedicated to the Nitinol processing.

Melting & transformation workshop
The standard Nitinol alloys are sourced at ATI Wah Chang (US)

Nitinol transformation workshop includes:

4 rolling mills
1 drawing equipment (D = 0.1 à 5 mm)
5 annealing furnances
6 tribological polishing machines
2 sand blasting stations

Our products and solutions

Osteosynthesis Staples
Loading curve of a « warm » shape memory bone staple

The Nitinol staple is heated up to 50C with a dedicated device, and than keep the required compression force when it is cooled down to body temperature (37C).

4 different types of bone staples are available:

- The « cold » staples : Staples closing at a temperature between 15C and 30C,
- The « mid-warm »staples : Staples closing at a temperature between 20C and 35C,
- The « warm » staples : Staples closing at a temperature between 35C and 50C,
- The « superelastic » staples : They are opened with a dedicated tool.

AMF manufactures K wires by grinding for sharp ends, precisely centered.

K Wires are manufactured according to customer's specifications.

Material, length, diameter, angles are fully adjustable.

Worked materials:

- Stainless Steel ISO 5832-1
- TA6V ISO 5832-3
- Cr Co ASTM F90
- Nitinol ASTM F2063

Varisation Staples
Varisation staples are special pins made of ISO5832-1 stainless steel wire with a diameter of 1 mm and very short length, with a trocar tip at both ends, these pins being bent in a U shape.

All the difficulty of this bending consists in obtaining two parallel legs of the same length, while controlling the springback at the time of cold bending.

AMF also develops varisation staples with machined teeth. In this case, the tip is not made by grinding but by machining. Each tip is then manually sharpened to maintain a Kirschner wire type spiciness.