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Are you a part of the ever-evolving orthopedic medical field in Europe? If so, we invite you to join ORTHOmaterials – a cluster of key players in the orthopedic. Created in 2013 by FORÉCREU, ORTHOmaterials is dedicated to enhancing your business prospects and fostering collaboration within the European orthopedic community.

What we offer

Be Part of the Premier Orthopedic Guide: Joining ORTHOmaterials means gaining visibility in an exclusive English guide that is widely recognized within the orthopedic field. Indeed, this guide serves as a comprehensive directory of the principal orthopedic actors. Your company can secure its spot among the industry’s elite.

Enhanced Visibility and Notoriety: When you align with ORTHOmaterials, you elevate your company’s visibility and enhance its notoriety. Your presence in our guide therefore opens doors to new opportunities, increased recognition, and growth potential.

Forge Valuable Connections: ORTHOmaterials acts as a bridge to connect you with potential customers and collaborators. Through our platform, you can generate new contacts. You can also establish mutually beneficial partnerships that drive your business forward.

Expand Your Network and Knowledge: The orthopedic market is ever-changing, and staying informed is crucial. ORTHOmaterials provides you with the chance to expand your professional network and gain insights into market trends, innovations, and the latest developments in the field.


Company Spotlight in the European Pocketbook: Your company’s logo, profile, and expertise ensure high visibility. Prominently feature your logo, profile, and expertise for stakeholder notice.

Hard copy Guide: Our comprehensive guide spans more than 350 pages and is dedicated to Orthopedic Materials and Processes. This publication is a trusted resource for industry professionals.

Prominent Presence at European Orthopedics Trade Fairs: Your company’s information will be distributed at major European Orthopedics Trade Fairs, further increasing your exposure and opportunities for engagement.


Online Presence: Your company will be showcased on the directory page with your logo, a detailed company profile, and a contact form, ensuring that your online presence is strong and accessible.

Newsletter Program: Benefit significantly from our newsletter program, which reaches industry professionals directly, keeping them informed about your company and its offerings.

Social Media Exposure: We actively promote your company on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp and WeChat, giving you an edge in reaching a wider and engaged audience.


Download the presentation of ORTHOmaterials to discover all the benefits of the being part of the contributors. 


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    This guide is intended to bridge the gap between Medical Device designers (OEMs), their Contract Manufacturers (CMOs), and the Ecosystem surrounding them.

    Hard copy PocketBook version: 372 pages, 148×210 mm format

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