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Over 50 years of experience in coating technology
Our global and regional experts are here to support you with state-of-the-art knowledge so that we can deliver world-class products to you wherever you are.

Innovative standard and customized PVD, CVD, and PACVD coating solutions
We are always eager to take on your challenging, highly specialized coating applications to serve you with the solution you looking for.

Extensive world wide network in Europe, North America and Asia
Benefit from our extensive network with over 30 coating centers in 15 countries.

Our products and solutions

PVD coating
The Ionbond™ PVD process is used for the deposition of coatings made of nitrides, carbides and carbonitrides of Ti, Cr, Zr and alloys like AlCr, AlTi, TiSi on a large range of tools and components. Applications include cutting and forming tools, mechanical components, medical devices and products that benefit from the hard and decorative features of the coatings. The typical process temperature for PVD coatings is between 250 and 450 °C. In some cases, Ionbond™ PVD coatings can be deposited at temperatures below 70 °C or up to 600 °C, depending on substrate materials and expected behavior in the application.

CVD coating
Chemical Vapor Deposition is a method for producing low stress coatings by means of thermally-induced chemical reactions.

CVA coating
Chemical Vapor Aluminizing is based on the CVD process and is used for the production of diffusion aluminide coatings for high temperature applications.

PACVD coating
PACVD is a vacuum based process used to deposit DLC coatings, also known as ADLC.

DLC coating
Diamond-Like Carbon coatings can be deposited by different technologies such as PVD arc, PVD sputtering and PACVD processes.

Laser Hardening
Reduce coefficient of friction and gain higher throughput, reproducibility and product quality.