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Our company

The Leader in Thermal Spray Technology
APS Materials, Inc. (APS) was founded in 1975 by four engineers with strong backgrounds in material science. Their goal was to provide a complete resource for Thermal Spray (TS) technology to industry. Today, APS is experiencing rapid growth as a client-based provider of innovative thermal spray solutions for a wide range of needs in surface modification.

APS’s engineering staff have decades of experience engineering thermal sprays to solve the unique problems of a diverse range of clients. Let us work for you.

APS materials, processed in powder, wire, and rod form, can include ceramics, metals, and cermets with bio-active/bio-inert, dielectric, semiconducting, and thermo-insulating features.

The equipment treated or rebuilt by APS Materials’ coating processes often exhibits an extended life through improved corrosion resistance or better wear properties.

Equipment in high-wear or corrosive environments can be salvaged or rebuilt at a fraction of the replacement cost. APS leads your team, and project, from concept to completion.

APS’ cooperative approach in educating our clients’ technical staff as they research, develop, specify materials, and the coating process sets us apart from our competitors.

Not every project we handle is open knowledge to the public. Our team respects that. Confidentiality is maintained as we work closely with every client.

Our products and solutions

APS’ response to this demand derived the process of applying porous, bioactive coatings to orthopedic implants. Today, APS produces TI 64, commercially pure titanium (CP Ti), and hydroxyapatite (HA) orthopedic implant coatings for seven of the ten largest medical manufacturers in the world. APS’ titanium (Ti-6AL-4V) and hydroxyapatite coatings possess high tensile strength, low debris, and rough irregular surfaces for superior osseointegration. These materials are wear-resistant, possess a high strength-to-weight ratio, and promote osseointegration between bone and implant. Between its US headquarters, Ireland and China, APS Materials has fourteen dedicated biomedical vacuum spray chambers to serve customers.