TIMET Savoie

TIMET Savoie
62 Avenue Paul Girod
73400 Ugine

Our company

TIMET has a fully integrated supply chain, dedicated research facilities, and decades of experience which make us the partner of choice when it comes to titanium.

TIMET is First in Titanium Worldwide
We melt and refine ingot and slab; manufacture mill products; and support our customers through a worldwide network of service centers and manufacturing facilities.

Global Supply Focus
We quickly move products using qualified raw material and routings that meet stringent customer requirements.

Integrated Supply Chain
TIMET operates a fully integrated supply chain from raw material through mill product.

Our products and solutions

TIMET developed or co-developed most titanium alloys in use today, and continues to innovate to meet changing customer needs. From traditional discrete mill products to customized near-net shapes to kits with finished components ready for the assembly line, TIMET delivers.

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