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Our company

We manufacture cannulated and multiple hole bars from steel and titanium alloys. We also supply solid bars made from special steel materials.

Approved by all main OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and CMs (Contract Manufacturers) in the industry, FORÉCREU has over the years become a household name in the orthopedic, trauma and sports medicine fields.

Services Offered
• World leader in cannulated and multiple hole bar stock.
• A unique industrial process started over 70 years ago.
• Standard stock items, readily available, worldwide.
• Metallurgy experts and technical sales support near you.
• In-house Quality control: mechanical, metallurgical and dimensional tests
• Design, prototyping, extrusion, rolling, drawing, heat treatment, twisting, grinding, etc.
• Organization certified ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO13485.

Key figures
• 70 years of expertise
• 2 manufacturing plants in France
• 4 subsidiaries: USA (Chicago), China, Germany and Japan.

Our slogan «Building Critical Partnerships» perfectly sums up the value that we bring to our clients. We are much more than simply a supplier.

Our products and solutions

Forécreu’s mission is to supply cannulated bar solutions for use in the production of
implants and surgical instruments. We also specialize in injection-molding of bio-resorbable orthopedic implants using PEEK and PMMA.

• Cannulated bar solutions in stainless steel or titanium alloys for implants or surgical instruments.
• Pre-hardened solid bars solutions in stainless steel (AISI 420B) for the production of surgical or dental instruments.
• Stainless steel tube solutions (AISI 304L & 316L) for the production of surgical instruments.
• Bio-resorbable and non-resorbable orthopedic implant solutions (PEEK/PMMA) for use in trauma and sport medicine.

• Cannulated bars
• Hole bars
• Solid bars
• Tubes

• Instruments
• Implants

• Sport Medicine
• Trauma
• Extremities
• Spine