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Our company

GF Machining Solutions is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced manufacturing systems for the production of high accuracy components and tools. Thousands of customers rely on our cutting-edge technologies, including Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), high-speed milling, femtosecond laser micro-machining, and additive manufacturing. Our knowledge base and offer also includes spindles, automation, high-precision tooling, digitalized solutions and unrivaled customer services and support - allowing GF Machining Solutions to provide innovative and complete solutions for the most demanding applications.

Our products and solutions

GF Machining Solutions supports your operational health by delivering the innovation, precision, productivity, and support services essential to your production of high-quality medical devices. Manufacturers face many challenges in order to balance the product's functional requirements, production costs and risk. GF Machining Solutions is recognized for offering industry-leading solutions for manufacturing implants such as anatomical bone plates, femoral and tibial knee components, as well as hip, shoulder and spine implant components. Whether your product needs trabecular titanium structure made with Additive Manufacturing (AM) or a mirror-smooth finish from high-speed milling, our complete range of machines drives your success, both for complex customized products and large volume production of standard elements. With our Mikron milling solutions, you can machine even the toughest materials such as titanium and cobalt-chrome alloys and achieve flawless surface finishes—with fewer post-processing operations such as grinding—bringing improvements in lead time and your bottom line. We can even assist you with your qualification procedures by offering you certified consumables.