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Our company

Since the beginning, HTI is driven to find solutions for its customers : this is how HTI became the first company to achieve ceramic coatings on implants, in 1979.
Step by step, HTI pushed the boundaries under the leadership of its founder – Jean Gautier –, by creating its first bioceramic in 1986.
After years of continuous development, HTI completed its offer in 2012 by integrating cleaning and packaging services.

Nowadays, HTI operates on 4 continents, has 2 production sites, 2 commercial subsidiaries in the US and in Turkey and is ISO 13485 certified through BSI.
HTI is now a key player in the coating industry and the leader for bioceramics used in spinal implants.

● Coatings : Ti and HA coatings of any type of medical devices (40+ years of expertise, 20+ years with our bi-layer coating TiHAfix® !) ;
● Ceramics : Zirconia (Biozyr®, since 1986) and ZTA (Biopink®, brand new !) ceramics for hip, thumb, spine or shoulder implants ;
● Cleaning and packaging : Integrated solution for cleaning and final packaging of medical devices (500m² of cleanrooms).

Our products and solutions

More than just products, HTI solutions meet the most demanding specifications!

Turnkey solutions :
HTI is focused on supplying the largest range of products and services to orthopedic and spinal implant manufacturers.
We integrate a large choice of activities (ceramics, coatings, cleaning, assembling, laser marking, packaging) in order to offer a one-stop solution to our customers.
We also partner with several manufacturers on forging, machining and instruments activities.
We are a proud co-founder of the Orthopedic Solutions Center (OSC) : with our partner Sayan Orthopaedics in 2012, in order to offer high quality and comprehensive level of services to all implant manufacturers worldwide.

A quick focus on ceramics :
Ceramic implants have the following benefits :
⌛ Very low wear of this material
🧪 No allergic reactions (unlike some metals)
🦿 Great durability (mechanical resistance, hardness, etc…)

Supply disruptions:
In 2024, solving supply difficulties and answering to high demand remain a major stake, especially for ceraramic implants. We strive to propose the fairest price for all our services, because health care quality should be everybody’s concern.