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Our company

As a comprehensive cutting tool manufacturer, we make products that at a fundamental level contribute
to enhancing people’s quality of life. Through continuous growth, we have established a production, sales,
and technical support network spanning 33 countries Our corporate aim is to continue to expand our operations globally and strengthen our contribution to
manufacturing industries worldwide.
The power of OSG lies in our assured innovative technological know-how for producing high-quality and high-performance products; our exceptional services to respond to situations diligently; and our out-of-the-box thinking to provide total solutions that anticipate our customers’ needs. We are committed to contribute to the advancement of the manufacturing industries by shaping our customers’ dreams into reality.

Our products and solutions

In order to support the manufacturing industry on a global scale, OSG has created high-quality cutting tools one after another and has actively promoted overseas expansion under its corporate philosophy of "global presence." Furthermore, communication is the most important factor in proposing tooling solutions and machining methods to customers involved in a wide variety of manufacturing. OSG places great emphasis on “tool communication,” using cutting tools as means of dialogue. In addition, the tagline “shaping your dreams” serves as the vision of the OSG brand. It embodies OSG's strong determination to transform dreams into reality by providing products and services that are truly satisfactory through manufacturing.