Aubert & Duval

Rue du Villa
63770 Les Ancizes

Our company

Since its beginnings in 1907, Aubert & Duval has contributed to the projects of the most demanding industries. Today, Aubert & Duval, a specialist in upscale metallurgy, is a world leader in designing, developing and industrialising high-performance steel, superalloy, aluminum or titanium parts.

A Metalurgical Expertise
Aubert & Duval provides highly reliable metallurgical solutions that are developed, made and processed in perfectly robust, repeatable conditions.

Supported by a worldwide sales network, we are the real-time partner for all your metallurgical needs. You can count on our production capacity and our teams’ know-how in metallurgical grade design and production, atomizing, forging, rolling, closed die-forging and heat treatment.

Our metallurgical and industrial expertise is based on a unique, fully integrated set of processes and facilities from steel and alloy-making through to pre-machined and machined parts. We also have a specific know-how and processes in powder metallurgy.

With metallurgical expertise, integrated processes and unique facilities, we are committed to YOUR SATISFACTION.

Our products and solutions

Aubert & Duval produces and supplies a wide variety of high performance metals to meet the most stringent requirements for many mission-critical applications. Our advanced materials include:

Aubert & Duval provides metallurgical solutions exhibiting excellent mechanical properties such as hardenability, corrosion resistance, toughness, fatigue performance, high temperature resistance or abrasion resistance. The combination of these advanced mechanical characteristics fulfils the metallurgical requirements for various critical applications: