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Our company

Transforming how everyday life is built
Kennametal brings together materials science, technical expertise, innovation and superior customer service to help the world fly, drive, power and build. Our tools, materials and wear-resistant solutions enable customers to run longer, cut faster and machine with greater precision. Kennametal is built for performance, and every day approximately 8,700 employees are helping customers in nearly 100 countries solve problems and improve their competitiveness.
If customers can dream it, we can help them build it...and we have been for more than 85 years. Our customers trust us to solve difficult problems and do tough jobs, and they rely on Kennametal innovation to make it possible. Across various industries from medical, aerospace, general engineering and transportation, to earthworks and energy, we’re always anticipating what’s next so we can give them an unparalleled advantage. We don’t just make a product; we deliver a solution.

Our products and solutions

Our tooling solutions. Your skillset. Transforming lives.
The medical field’s continuous development calls for tools that can keep up with rapid innovation, and meeting the highest requirements for health and safety is a must when you’re creating medical devices that will change peoples’ lives.
With unmatched high-temp alloys and stainless steels tooling expertise and an unwavering commitment to transforming how everyday life is built, you can count on Kennametal to provide the solutions you need to create contemporary, transformative medical instruments and implants.
HARVI™ IV: Featuring an 8-flute design and capable of challenging cuts on high-temp alloys, stainless steels, steels and hardened materials so you don't have to stop for adjustments or tool changes.
KCS10B and KCU10B Coatings: Specialized coatings, High-PIMS for KCS10B and KENGold™ PVD for KCU10B, are designed to reduce friction, enhance surface finishes, extend tool life and maintain high process stability across a broad spectrum of materials.
KenDrill™ Micro: The first Kennametal microdrill for short and deep-hole applications featuring a versatile design that's capable of machining multiple materials.
KenSwissTM Inserts: KenSwiss inserts deliver better Swiss-style solutions for customers facing challenges with achieving superior chip evacuation and surface finish in low feed, high depth-of-cut applications.