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Our company

Rollomatic is a private Swiss company specializing in the design and manufacturing of high precision CNC machines for production grinding of cutting tools, cylindrical grinding, and laser cutting of ultra-hard materials.

We are customer-oriented and we provide complete manufacturing solutions for the grinding of precision tools and parts, including wheel dressing and measuring finished parts.

Our manufacturing methods and our precision assembly are based on our passion for Swiss engineering and craftsmanship. Our philosophy is demonstrated by our teams in all stages over the life of the products, from design, through assembly and Lean Manufacturing, and all the way to service and client advice and support. We strive to build a relationship of trust and cordiality with our customers in a spirit of partnership.

Our products and solutions

Medical devices, surgical techniques and the instruments required are constantly evolving in terms of volume and complexity. Rollomatic addresses this by developing highly reliable and efficient grinding machines to produce orthopedic and surgical instrument that meet the highest technical and regulatory standards.

Rollomatic's 6-axis high-precision grinding centers are specifically designed to produce cutting tools that require superior surface finishes and meet tight dimensional tolerances. These machines are highly valued by medical technology suppliers for producing surgical cutting instruments for brain and maxillofacial surgeries as well as for joint replacement surgeries.

Compact design, minimal footprint
Excellent flexibility and precision
Low energy consumption

> Shaver blades
> Burs
> Bone drills and reamers
> Saw blades
> Rasps
> Cranial perforators
> Endoscopic and arthroscopic instruments

Rollomatic’s industrial robotics division offers automation solutions to enhance its customers' competitiveness.