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Our company

Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation is a specialty materials provider with an unwavering commitment to lead with innovative solutions to achieve KAITEKI, the well-being of people and the planet. We bring deep expertise and material science leadership in core market segments such as mobility, digital, food, and medical. In this way, we enable industry transformation, technology breakthroughs, and longer, more fruitful lives for us all. Together, around 70,000 employees worldwide provide advanced chemistry-based solutions to deliver the core elements of our slogan — “Science. Value. Life.”

At Mitsubishi Chemical Group, we offer proactive expertise, unique tools and technologies, and superior products that can outperform metals across industries. Our unique portfolio of high-performance thermoplastics, composites, fibers, and bio-based resins provides customers greater access to sustainable materials and systems to lower their carbon footprint, without compromising on performance.

Our products and solutions

Long-term implant materials
Our MediTECH™ Division provides pre-assessed, implantable Zeniva® PEEK and Chirulen™/Extrulen™ UHMW-PE (cross-linked, with antioxidants) stock shapes for the manufacture of long-term orthopedic and dentistry implants, used as dynamic joint liners and highly loaded static implants. Processing capabilities:

Life Science Grades (LSG) for medical devices
Intended for use in short-term body-contact applications as well as bioprocessing applications, LSG materials are pre-assessed for biocompatibility both at resin and stock shape levels. They meet stringent requirements for material performance, pre-assessment testing, and risk management.
The LSG stock shapes portfolio includes Proteus™ HDPE and PP, Altron™ PC, Sultron™ PSU and PPSU, Duratron™ PEI, and Ketron™ PEEK materials, produced from highest quality resins that are pre-assessed for biocompatibility and intended use. Production and machining are undertaken within ISO 13485 quality management systems.