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Our company

Since 1952, Marposs provides cutting-edge solutions for quality and process control in production environment. The equipment is designed for a wide range of inline and offline applications with guaranteed performances under harsh shop floor conditions.
Marposs globally meets customers needs through metrology systems, (non)-destructive tests and a lot of sensors and control devices for machine tools.
Based on the combination of advanced products, market knowledge and long-term partnerships, Marposs has created an international organization employing 3500 people in 34 countries.
Leading supplier to automotive and aerospace manufacturers, the Group is widening its offer towards the biomedical sector by combining measurement accuracy and compliance with standards. It includes dimensional and functional controls as well as leak, flow, burst tests customized to the various types of biomedical components and their machining process. Thanks to this large portfolio, Marposs fulfills user-specific requirements in terms of measuring methods (tactile vs contacless) of repetability, of robustness within machine tools, by a complete project engineering from the use case to maintenance.

Our products and solutions

Our case studies rely on metrology and inspection systems ment for orthopedic and dental implants from prosthetic joints (hip, knee, shoulder) to osteosynthesis plates, screws, nails, pins and related surgical instruments. Controlled characteristics include dimensions, geometry, quality surface, functional properties, mechanically or optically validated by an operator, on test bench and in-process.
Manual gauging and automation of functional and dimensional controls for implantology:
Go/No Go gauges allow checking internal/external thread integrity of screws or plates and complement 2D high-resolution images from fast profilometers for shape analysis. Testing and inspection can been combined on fully automated control lines
Optical measurements of prosthetic components:
Laser micrometers enable measuring external diameters and Chromatic Confocal sensors topography, roughness and small-size defects of surface finishes on glenospheres, femoral components/steams/heads
Contact gauging while machining hip joints:
Measuring heads and optical transmission probes are suitable for in/post-process dimensional measurements of acetabular components within grinding, polishing, turning machines