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Our company

Marposs mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions for quality and process control in the workshop environment.

The equipment is designed and built for a wide range of in-process and post-process applications and for guaranteed performance in even the harshest shop floor conditions.

Marposs provides a global answer to customers needs, supplying the metrology equipment in association with non-destructive testing and a wide variety of sensors and machine tool controls.

Marposs products are offered as a part of a complete project management and simultaneous engineering support to the customer.

Marposs has become a world leader in measurement technology by offering its customers a combination of advanced products, market knowledge and commitment to long term global partnerships. Building on these foundations, Marposs has created an international organization able to deliver application, design and service support virtually anywhere in the world.

Our products and solutions

Application for Machine Tools
From probing & in-process gauging to tool & process monitoring, Marposs provides applications for the widest machine tool range, including grinding, metal cutting, stamping and press machines, and many others.

Dimensional Gauging Systems
Marposs provides a complete line of solutions for dimensional gauging, both manual and automatic. We work closely together with our customers to design tailor-made applications according to their needs and requirements, whether the quality control is performed for off-line sample-based or integrated automatic production lines. We complement these solutions with made-to-order Calibration Masters (rings, plugs, part-like masters and master gears).

Leak Testing, Assembly and NDT
In a modern manufacturing line, assembly machines and production-line integrity tests allow to manufacture a final product with high reliability and ever increasing performance.

Gauging Components, Computers & SPC
Marposs provides gauge makers the components they need to build gauging stations and fixtures. Mechanical components, sensors, mechanical and electronic interface devices, industrial Computers and application software provide a seamless 'building block' system to manage any measuring need.