Intech Medical

Intech Medical (+33) 3 21 89 60 00
93-95 avenue du Champ Gretz
62180 Rang-du-Fliers

Our company

Intech is a global market leader and game-changer in the manufacturing of orthopedic medical devices.
Powered by over 1,200 employees across 9 facilities in 3 continents (USA, Europe & Asia), Intech is at the forefront of technological innovation in the field of orthopedic device manufacturing as well as asset management

From design to manufacturing, we provide expertise and insights on machining & assembly of complex Instruments, Cutting Tools, Implants, Cases & Trays, Silicone Handles, Off-the-shelf catalog instruments, OEM products.

At Intech we strive to create an ecosystem of innovations. Capitalizing on our synergies, we go the extra mile, we dare the impossible, we embody a challenging mindset that enables us to conquer our ambitions with passion and humility. Forever delivering excellence, with a smile : )

This is who we are. We tech care.

Our products and solutions

- Made-to-Measure Implants & Instruments: From blueprints to large scale production
- Cutting Tools: Sharp as a tack!
- Silicone overmolded Handles: A firm grip on innovation
- Cases & Trays: Thinking outside of the box
- FlexMetric: The strongest flexible shaft on the market
- Additive Manufacturing (DMLS): Delivering the impossible, one layer at a time
- Robotics & Navigation: Precision like no other
- IntechLab | Innovations Accelerator: Designing Devices, Enhancing Lives
- The Prototype Garage: Prototype-dedicated Cells
- SMADE: Smart Tracking Solutions