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Our company

Medimet is a company based in Northern Germany, specializing in the production of orthopedic implants and ancillary equipment using the lost-wax casting technique since 1995. With a workforce of approximately sixty employees, the company operates exclusively within the medical market. Medimet manufactures a range of products including knee prostheses, hip acetabular cups, wrist prostheses, ankle implants, and bone staples.

Utilizing medical-grade materials such as CrCo alloys for implants and stainless steel alloys for instruments, Medimet ensures the quality and safety of its products. Additionally, the company offers clients the option to produce wax parts using 3D printing technology, facilitating rapid prototyping and cost-effective modifications.

The lost-wax casting process involves several stages, beginning with the creation of wax parts, assembly into wax clusters, followed by the production of refractory cement molds and the final metal casting. Medimet adheres to strict quality standards, holding ISO 13485 certification and undergoing regular audits by the FDA to maintain compliance and uphold product integrity.

Our products and solutions

Medimet's product line encompasses a wide array of orthopedic implants and ancillary components designed to address various medical needs. From knee and hip replacements to wrist and ankle prostheses, the company offers solutions tailored to improve patient mobility and quality of life. Furthermore, Medimet's bone staples provide surgeons with essential tools for orthopedic procedures, ensuring reliable fixation and support during bone repair.

The use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques underscores Medimet's commitment to delivering safe and effective medical devices. With a track record of zero product recalls due to quality issues since its inception, the company has earned a reputation for excellence within the industry. As it continues to expand its presence across Europe and beyond, Medimet remains dedicated to advancing orthopedic care and meeting the evolving needs of patients worldwide.