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Our company

KKS Ultraschall AG – We are a team of over 100 people who are dedicated to delivering groundbreaking surface technology and perfect product cleanliness every day. Our awareness of the importance of product cleanliness and our goal of constantly improving the technologies and processes for achieving this were key factors in the founding of KKS 40 years ago. The pursuit of excellence is still as important as it was all those years ago.

Our strengths as a team:

Our products and solutions

Ultrasonic technology
The use of ultrasonic technology offers consistently reproducible cleaning results when cleaning simple as well as complex parts. For this reason, ultrasonic-assisted aqueous cleaning is the best and most reliable solution wherever high acceptance criteria have to be met. KKS is your powerful ally when it comes to the optimal and economical use of ultrasonic technology.

Ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing tanks
Ultrasonic and rinsing tanks from KKS are robust and reliable devices for industrial ultrasonic cleaning. The devices have a wide range of applications and can be combined to create a cleaning line individually adapted to your needs. A wide range of accessories completes the range.

Systems and solutions
The demands and requirements on the purity and properties of surfaces is continuously increasing. Regulatory requirements and standards increasingly demand quantifiable quality characteristics for surface treatment and cleaning. With our long-standing experience in the development and realization of surface treatment and cleaning systems and installations, we offer economical solutions for both manual and automatic systems.