Composites Busch SA

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Chemin des Grandes-Vies 54
2900 Porrentruy

Our company

Composites Busch is a contract manufacturer of high-performance composite parts and additive manufacturing covering design, prototyping, process development, qualification and serial production. Our expertise expands to several industries including medical, luxury, watchmaking, aerospace, mobility and other industrial sectors.
Established in 1988 in Porrentruy, Switzerland, we are part of the Busch Vacuum Solutions Group, a global leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and systems. With a dedicated team of about 100 skilled professionals, we prioritize quality and traceability, ensuring compliance with the FDA and the MDR regulations. Our production facility and Quality Management System are certified according to ISO9001, ISO13485 and EN9100.
Driven by innovation, humanity and quality, we actively engage in listening and co-development with our customers to fully understand their needs. Embracing sustainable practices, we integrate eco-friendly initiatives into our operations and actively participate in community programs, supporting youth education and sports. As a responsible company, we strive to deliver exceptional composite solutions while making a positive impact.

Our products and solutions

For over 30 years, we have specialized in designing, developing, and manufacturing medical devices made of composite materials.
These materials are known for their exceptional mechanical performance thanks to the use of long carbon fibers, while remaining extremely lightweight. They offer long-term reliability and dimensional stability. Tailored stiffness and functionality integration are also possible to suit your needs. Composite materials are biocompatible and highly resistant to repetitive sterilization cycles. Their radiolucency make them ideal for MRI and X-ray imaging.
Our additive manufacturing technology complements our offerings, further expanding possibilities. PA12-based thermoplastics, capable of withstanding standard sterilization methods, are suitable for both single and multiple uses.
Our solutions are approved and adopted by OEMs for various applications, including orthopaedics, external fixation, orthotics, surgical instruments, operating table components, imaging equipment, dental, exoskeletons, functional prototypes, single-use instrumentation, anatomical models and many more.