Carpenter Technology

Carpenter Technology (+1) 610 208 2000
1735 Market Street, 15th Floor
PA 19103 Philadelphia
United States (US)

Our company

Carpenter Technology develops, manufactures, and distributes high-performance alloys for demanding medical applications. More than 134 years of materials development and manufacturing expertise give our partner OEMs and CMs the competitive advantage to bring orthopedic innovations to life.

Materials solutions and expertise
• Industry-best materials, including revolutionary BioDur alloys
• EU MDR-compliant, ASTM- and ISO-certified, FDA-approved
• End-to-end, in-house chemistry control — from raw materials to processing to quality testing
• Powder-to-part additive manufacturing capabilities
• Wide selection of in-stock alloys and product forms, global production and distribution
• On-staff metallurgists, research scientists, and engineers
• Relentless innovation of experimental alloys of tomorrow

Our products and solutions

Carpenter Technology offers 300+ grades of in-stock, high-performance medical alloys, as well as the expertise to develop and produce novel alloys with customized mechanical properties.

• Ultra-high strength, biocompatible, and corrosion-resistant
• Quality-assured, ASTM- and ISO-certified
• EU MDR-compliant, low-cobalt stainless
• Low-nickel stainless for patient sensitivities
• Small-diameter titanium and stainless for precise dimensional accuracy
• End-to-end manufacturing consistency with fewer steps and scrap

Product forms
• Bar: rolled, cold-finished, hollow bar, small- and large-diameter
• Billet, strip, plate, wire, rod
• Powder
• Special and HIP’d shapes

Orthopedic applications
• Joint reconstruction
• Spine fixation
• Trauma devices
• Orthopedic coatings
• Instrumentation and surgical tools