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Our company

AVICENNE has been working within the medical device industry for over 20 years. Building on the endorsements we have received from the largest and most innovative companies in this sector, we advise executives and decision-makers on topics including:

In 2005, AVICENNE created and organized the premier European event in the orthopedic implant and biomedical devices industry. It has become an annual rendezvous for all the key decision makers. Chaired by AVICENNE, the "IMPLANTS" conference and exhibition is now a major opportunity for key players to share ideas and innovations in the medical devices sector.

Our products and solutions

1 - Strategic and commercial due diligence

Before acquiring a company, an interested party (Corporation or Private Equity fund) needs to understand the technical and economic environment and how they might change. It also needs to evaluate the target company’s competitive market edge. Finally the structure and abilities of the management should be able to keep up with future growth.

AVICENNE assists in evaluating the threats and opportunities of the acquisition, and in forecasting the estimated growth of new products or new markets/countries.

2 - Market research, price positioning, competitive analysis

Economic, competitive, legal and strategic analyses are crucial for a project’s success. AVICENNE provides an in-depth and unbiased analysis of these variables to help companies to better position their products or penetrate new markets.