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Our company

Every year, ORTHOMANUFACTURE offers you congress made of an exhibition with about 50 companies and a high-level scientific and technical conferences held by independent speakers. These presentations will help you make your choices among therapeutic advances and real technical possibilities with their limits and regulatory obligations. They will also provide you with additional knowledge and recent information on technologies related to the production of implants and instruments.

The conferences will focus, among other things, on :
Unresolved surgical practices
Digital innovations: artificial intelligence in diagnostic support, digital twins
Communicating and connected implants
Innovations in production processes
Post-processing of 3D manufacturing : ecological finishing and cleaning treatments
Regulatory, economic and legal environment

Our products and solutions

We are looking forward to welcoming you this year, on May the 15th and 16th, 2024 a magnificent site steeped in history.
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Royal Salt Works of Arc-et-Senans (close to Besançon - France) is in fact a former salt factory, a masterpiece of the visionary architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, and a rare testimony to the history of industrial architecture that we hope will inspire you during these 2 days.

Our social evening party will take place on the evening of the first day, Wednesday May 15th, 2024 from 7:00 p.m. and will take place on site, at the Salines Royales.

For those who will be registered as listeners, for exhibitors and speakers, a visit to the site and a film on the “history of salt” are planned, but the must of the party will be a hot air balloon baptism allowing everyone to have an “extraordinary” and unforgettable aerial view of the Salines Royales.

Finally, we will participate to the gastronomic buffet dinner, all together, allowing us all to exchange professionally and personally in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.