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123 rue de la belle étoile
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Our company

Thanks to its dynamic research and development effort associated with a high-performance production tool, MITUTOYO – founded in 1934 – has become the worldwide specialist in dimensional metrology.
The group proposes far-reaching know-how in the design and manufacture of dimensional metrology products in the following ranges:
- Coordinate measuring machine
- Vision measuring machine
- Form measurement
- Optical measuring
- Sensor systems
- Test equipment and seismometers
- Digital squale and DRO systems
- Small tools instruments and data management

MITUTOYO provides a highly comprehensive range of solutions for which it retains full control.

Our products and solutions

Mitutoyo offers precision measuring instruments to guarantee quality in all areas of the medical industry:

Orthopedic implants replace or support damaged bones/joints, mimicking natural functions. They include screws, plates, rods, and prosthetic joints, made from various materials. Rigorous quality control ensures their safety and effectiveness, with customization for each patient.

Dental implants, featuring a titanium post in the jawbone, anchor replacement teeth or bridges. Designed to be permanent and comfortable, they require exceptional quality due to daily use.

Syringes, integral in healthcare, demand precise needle quality control. Needle gauges are crucial for safety and efficacy, with regulations ensuring proper manufacturing.

Surgical blades, including scalpels, are made from high-quality stainless steel. Available in various sizes and shapes, they cater to diverse surgical needs. Unparalleled manufacturing and material quality are essential to protect both patients and practitioners wielding them.