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Our company

Whenever it comes down to strength, resistance, validation or material characteristic data, then Applus+ IMA can combines the efforts (the recognised and certified expertise) in terms of test standards, approval and certification tests and experimental investigations. Innovative products and technologies from aerospace, rail vehicle, automotive and medical technology, plastic and metal industries and other branches of industry are constantly examined and investigated here in accredited test laboratories. You can rely on us: the testing tasks at Applus+ IMA will be processed according to the current state of the art technology and enjoy worldwide acceptance and trust.

Our products and solutions

As a DAkkS accredited testing laboratory for medical devices, we support manufacturers, medical doctors and experts in the field of medical device testing, damage analysis as well as research and development of medical devices.

We provide among other test services: strength and wear tests of joint endoprostheses, osteosynthesis products, trauma products, surgical instruments and skin adhesives and patch products according to a broad range of standards or customized test procedures.
Applus+ IMA gladly advises you on the required tests for your device to receive approval. We also support you with the development of test procedures beyond standardized testing – based on scientific studies and databases.

• Wear testing
• Fatigue testing
• Corrosion testing
• Contact area/stress test
• Artificial aging
• Mechanical and physical tests on PE
• Materialography
• Damage analysis
• Materials and coatings
• Sample preparation
• Determination of metal ion concentration
• PE particle analysis
• Simmulation and strength assessement