Steiger Galvanotechnique SA

Steiger Galvanotechnique SA (+41) 21 948 24 24
Route de Pra de Plan 18
1618 Châtel-St-Denis

Our company

Steiger Galvanotechnique is specialized in galvanic coatings for medical technology, electrotechnological technology, watch industry and aerospace applications.
Steiger Galvanotechnique is more than a surface treatment specialist, offering everything from a single source, from high-quality coatings to ultra-precision laser marking, automatic final cleaning, cleanroom packaging with vacuum and thermo-sealing machinery according to customer requirements as well as customized logistics and
transport services.

Our products and solutions

Steiger Galvanotechnique SA provides services in a wide range of applications, including:

Surface treatments of titanium and stainless steel for medical implants and aluminium anodising for medical instruments.

Surface treatment of aluminium with black thermo-optical coatings and treatment of waveguides with specific high-frequency coatings.

Electrical engineering
Surface treatment of aluminium and copper for excellent electrical contact properties in the transmission of high electrical power.

Manufacture of watch movement parts using UV-Liga microelectroforming technology, allowing high precision and freedom of design.