Ugitech SA

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73403 UGINE Cedex

Our company

Ugitech - world leader in stainless steel long products
Ugitech produces and sells a wide range of stainless steel long products : bars, wire-rods and wires are the three mainstays of Ugitech’s offering.

Ugitech has the most developed R&D center of this industry, some of the Ugitech’s products – UGIMA®, EXHAUST® F1, UGIPURE®, UGIGRIP®… - are known and utilized all over the World.

It results unprecedented expertise and experience that are turned on a daily basis into innovative products and services.

This leading position can be described in figures:
- A 5,000 customer base,
- More than 190,000 tons of products sold every year,
- 7 producing and processing plants in France, Italy and Germany

Ugitech is part of the Swiss Steel Group, the world's largest manufacturer, processor and distributor of special steel long products.

Ugitech levers Swiss Steel Group extensive distribution network to develop and serve customers all over the world.

Our products and solutions

Ugitech produces and sells a wide range of stainless steel long products: Stainless steel bars, wire-rods, drawn wires and rebar are part of Ugitech’s offering. Equipped with a melting shop, rolling mills, finishing shops and wire drawing plants, Ugitech can meet most of your requirements.

With Ugitech, opt for a stainless steel constitution!
A complete range of grades and adapted dimensions