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Our company

In 70 countries on all continents, companies in the automotive, chemicals, aerospace, medical and tool and mould making industries manufacture using precision tools from Paul Horn GmbH. Our core competences are based on four pillars: Our own research and development department, our own coating technology, our own carbide production and our own manufacturing technologies.

Precision tools from HORN are mainly used in demanding machining operations.

Special tools can be delivered as HORN Greenline orders within five working days after approval of the drawing by the customer.

Product range
25,000+ standard tools and 200,000+ special solutions speak for themselves.

The HORN field service team is there to support users face-to-face with knowhow and experience in order to achieve the best results.

Our products and solutions

Over a production area of 30,000 square metres (including Horn Hartstoffe GmbH), Horn manufactures high-precision tools and accessories for radial grooving, face grooving, profile grooving, parting off, slot broaching, gear cutting, high-polishturning, threading, machining of pipes and sleeves, groove milling, slot milling, cut-off milling, thread milling, polygon turning, thread whirling, high-polishmilling, finish boring, face milling, shoulder milling, profile milling, rotary milling, reaming and drilling . Our tool production processes are optimised and take place primarily in newly built factories. Annually, Horn produces several millions of inserts in batches of 100 pieces on average with a degree of automation of up to 97 per cent.